About Us

Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) is a nonprofit, community-based, multi-program social service agency that strives to meet basic human needs through Neighbors Helping Neighbors. NAM provides assistance in areas including food, shelter, health, education, safety and financial education.

Our Mission

NAM’s mission is to strive to meet basic human needs through Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Our Vision

NAM’s vision, grounded in its mission and true to its values, is a community in which Neighbors care for Neighbors through collaborative efforts with area congregations, community partners, donors and volunteers. Resources are pooled and leveraged to meet basic needs and to help individuals regain their self-sufficiency, thereby creating a safer and more stable community for all.

Our Values

NAM’s values include: maintaining a strong commitment to its mission of meeting basic human needs through Neighbors Helping Neighbors; fostering a spirit of respect and charity; striving for excellence in all areas of service; and strengthening connections with its spiritual, funding and volunteer partners.

Management Team

Les Cave
Brian Carr
Chief Advancement Officer
Denese Hammon
Chief Financial Officer