Letter from the President

Letter from the President & CEO, FY2016-17

Dear Friends,

Who is my neighbor? It’s a question that has been asked through the ages. And it’s at the very heart of everything NAM does.

For nearly 35 years, NAM has taken complex problems of poverty, violence, aging and health, and boiled them down to a core philosophy that is profoundly simple: one neighbor caring for another. Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

As NAM has grown, the depth of solutions we offer has become increasingly unique. When neighbors bring their best ideas, resources and experiences to the table, it raises the bar. And the entire community benefits as a result.

For example, this year our Joanne Watford Nutrition Center began offering a mobile food pantry filled with fresh produce and other nourishment for families in need. We completed the expansion of our Meals on Wheels program, and now deliver meals to 650 seniors in 24 zip codes every weekday. And our Family Violence Center became the first location in northwest Harris County to provide services to victims of sexual assault, free of charge.

This year, more than ever, we have realized that our neighbors are no longer just the people across the street, or even across town. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, NAM received truckloads of donations from Florida, New York, Ohio, and beyond. In our time of need, these generous folks did what any caring neighbor would do. They came to our home, brought gifts of replenishment, cared for our needs, and stood by our side.

As I write this letter, recovery efforts from the hurricane are still very much underway. But our mission of meeting basic human needs through Neighbors Helping Neighbors has withstood the test even in such overwhelming circumstances. Everything that makes NAM who we are—our volunteers, donors, community partnerships, and programs—has come into play. And one by one, we are helping neighbors rise up and rebuild their lives.

That’s what NAM does every day. Whether in storms of nature or storms of life, we help people rise above their circumstances to find hope and strength for the days ahead. Thank you for caring so deeply, and for all you do to make that beautiful relationship possible.


Carole Little

Linda & Harlan Martens Endowed
President & CEO