NAM Endowment Fund Board 2016-17

Scott Chenoweth, Chair

Dave Anderson

Rick Couch

Rick Crump

Tom Fuller

Steve Miller

Joe D. Untermeyer

Nolan Lehmann

Non-voting Members:
Buddy Bolt, Emeritus

M. Elbert Coker, Emeritus

Denese Hammon, NAM CFO

Carole Little, NAM President & CEO

H.P. “Pat” Riley, Emeritus

Rusty Schlattman, Emeritus

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The NAM Endowment Fund was created in 2000 to enhance the financial stability of NAM and to provide security for the future. The primary investment objectives are to achieve long-term growth through a combination of capital appreciation and current income derived from a diversified, moderately-risked portfolio, while giving due consideration to the goals of the Endowment Fund and its distribution policy.

For information on how to make a planned gift to the NAM Endowment Fund, click here.