Family Violence Center Referral List

Family Violence Center Hotline Referral Sheet

A message from NAM’s Family Violence Center Director –

Dear Community Partner,

We are pleased to share with you NAM’s Family Violence Center referral list, which you can download by clicking on the link above. The list was created so that those answering a crisis hotline would be able to find the information needed as easily and quickly as possible.

A few quick tips on using the list:

  • All categories are the same as the topic areas callers state as a need (e.g. Housing, Food, Legal Counseling, etc.)
  • Within each category, the agencies/organizations are also in alphabetical order. The listings include a limited amount of information about what population they work with, perhaps the hours they are open, or other basic notes. Please know it is simply a glimpse, not detailed information.
  • A couple of sections in the list can be confusing – Housing includes both local and state organizations that can provide guidance (e.g. Houston Housing Authority), as well as non-profits that provide housing (e.g. Salvation Army). To distinguish between the two, the actual housing programs have an asterisk(*) next to the name.
  • The shelter list also uses the asterisk (*). In this case, organizations that serve domestic violence victims are listed with an asterisk (*). Homeless shelters will not have an asterisk (*).
  • NAM programs and the Coordinated Access for Homeless clients are conveniently located as a quick reference at the bottom of the list.
  • Finally, please know that this list is only 100% current as of the day we called the agency. Sometimes agencies or organizations change their services, population served, and even their phone number.

If you need any additional ideas or suggestions, please feel free to call the Family Violence Center’s Hotline at (281) 885-4673. The trained advocates can help direct you to other community resources and referrals.

Thank you for all you do in the great community,

Sheryl K. Johnson, Family Violence Center Director