Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Offer encouragement to those who continue to struggle, by reminding them they “Are Not Alone.”

 NAM Domestic Violence Resource Kit

Northwest Assistance Ministries and the Family Violence Center, along with domestic violence programs across the country, set aside the month of October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For the average 121 Texas women who die each year, due to violence in their relationship, hundreds of others struggle in these dangerous relationships.  Leaving, being safe, getting help, becoming self-sufficient is never as easy as it sounds to the rest of us.

Download NAM’s NAM Domestic Violence Resource Kit so you can help share and promote the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness. Together, we can let those suffering know #YouAreNotAloneDV.

If you have any questions, please contact the Family Violence Center Hotline at (281) 885-4673.

Things you can do to Promote Domestic Violence Awareness:

Memorial Garden

Over the last 5 years, Texas has seen an average of 121 women who have lost their lives each year due to domestic violence. The Memorial Garden is a place of remembrance to honor those women and the families that suffered their loss. Purple flags placed at the top of the garden represent these women, and their stories.  Flags are available, FREE of charge, at the Corner Resale Store located in the NAM building. (Note: If you are receiving this electronically, please contact the FVC at (281) 885-4673 to be provided with a yellow flag).


Social Media

Social Media is an immediate way to reach the masses about the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness. Follow NAM throughout the month, like and share their Domestic Violence Awareness month posts and use the hashtag #YouAreNotAloneDV.

Change your social media profile pictures during October as a quick, simple way to spread awareness. Encourage the people in your networks to join the effort by posting:


Facebook Profile Pic


FB Cover photo

Sample Posts you can use:

In the NAM Domestic Violence Resource Kit there is also a Domestic Violence Flag you can print, cut out and use for Selfies to help promote during the month of October using the hashtag #YouAreNotAloneDV .