Family Violence Center

Phone: (281) 885-HOPE (4673)

Toll Free Number: 1-888-750-HOPE (4673)

The hope for a better life and the courage to take the first step must come from within, but NAM’s Family Violence Center (FVC) provides the resources to help clients find safe places, and offers support and the services to begin again on new paths.

The FVC offers a variety of services to victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, including 24-hour hotline, telephone crisis counseling, emergency shelter, emergency food, clothing, transportation, medical assistance, professional counseling services for adults and their children, community outreach, information and referrals for battering intervention programs, as well as community and legal referrals. To access these services simply call the FVC Hotline at (281) 885-4673.

When fleeing an abusive home, individuals often leave everything behind to enter a world of financial and emotional upheaval. NAM’s multiple social service programs meet their basic needs while they work through the physical and emotional trauma they have experienced. Caring volunteer Peer Advocates provide support to clients as they recover their strength and self-esteem, and begin the daunting task of moving toward self-reliance.

The FVC continues to offer innovative programming to meet the needs of our clients. Play Therapy and Art Therapy services are a part of our support services directed toward children and adolescents. As the needs of our clients continue to grow, support from our community allows the FVC to grow and meet those needs.

In partnership with the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the FVC helps assure the safety of all household pets through the PetSafe Project. With a referral from a family violence shelter or program, the SPCA will keep families’ pets, free of charge, while family members at risk seek safe refuge.

Domestic violence cuts across all social, economic and educational lines.  It affects all ages, ethnic groups and genders. Domestic violence has been identified as the number one reason for homelessness among women. Community education is an important tool in making our homes safer for all.  NAM’s FVC provides a Speakers’ Bureau, teen dating seminars and evening domestic violence education meetings for English- and Spanish-speaking groups.


La esperanza de tener una vida mejor y el valor de dar el primer paso debe venir de sí mismo, pero el Centro de Violencia Familiar (FVC) de NAM proporciona los recursos para ayudar a los clientes encontrar lugares seguros y ofrece apoyo y los servicios para comenzar de nuevo. El Centro de Violencia Familiar (FVC) ofrece una línea telefónica las 24 horas, asesoramiento de crisis telefónica, refugio de emergencia, alimentos de emergencia, ropa, transporte, asistencia médica, servicios para adultos y sus hijos, alcance comunitario, información y referencias para programas de intervención de maltrato, policiales en la oficina, referencias legales y asesoramiento profesional  de acompañamiento de corte. Para utilizar a estos servicios simplemente llame a la línea de la FVC al (281) 885-4673.

Helpful Resources:

Safety Plan – English

Plan de Seguridad – Español

Power & Control Wheel – English

Círculo del Poder & Control – Español

Children Coping with Violence in the Home

For information on sexual assault, visit the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault website:

For information on human trafficking, visit the National Human Trafficking Resource Center:

More information regarding domestic violence can be found on the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council website:



October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Download our resource guide for tools and information to help you get involved. Together we can end domestic violence.

DVAM Resource Guide 2018

Offering HOPE and HEALING to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  

Lucy's Story *

(*not her real name)

Lucy* came to the FVC after a long debate with herself about admitting that she was a victim of domestic violence. A psychologist by profession, she met a man on a trip and married him a year later.

For the next 13 years she was isolated to the point that she couldn't go to the store by herself, drive, work, or have contact with anyone outside the walls of her home. Over time, Lucy became afraid of everything. Her husband became physically abusive, and tried to convince her to commit suicide several times. Lucy was too ashamed to seek help or even acknowledge that she was a battered woman.

After talking with advocates at the FVC, Lucy finally made the decision to leave. Healing will take time, but her journey toward a life of hope and freedom has begun.

The Family Violence Center is dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence by assisting victims of domestic and sexual violence through crisis intervention, long-term support services, and through community violence and awareness prevention education.


Toiletries Needed!

Bring your donations of full-size toiletries to NAM’s Family Violence Center. Currently, we have a special need for products for African American women. We are located on the third floor of NAM's main building. If you have any questions, please call

(281) 885-4673.