Interfaith Homeless Network

Phone: 281-885-4567

hospitality_200The Interfaith Homeless Network (IHN) is a collaboration of congregations working together to meet the needs of local families who are homeless.

IHN is open to any family who is homeless or transitioning from homelessness. This may include families served by NAM’s Housing Services, those referred by congregations or other local social service agencies, or families who contact NAM for assistance and meet certain criteria.

For assistance with housing, please click here.

Congregations wanting to help may participate in one of three ways:

  1. Meeting specific needs. Participating congregations will receive a list of requests about three times a year, addressing needs for specific families. Requests may include a variety of things such as household items, move-in kits, cleaning items, transportation expenses, or limited financial assistance as it pertains to the transition from homelessness to stable housing.
  2. Search and Place Teams. These teams will be trained to help families in NAM’s Homes for School Children program find a safe, affordable place to live.
  3. Donation drives. Congregations may choose to do donation drives for items such as coats, blankets, move-in kits, or other items needed by families served by the program.

For more information, please contact Karen Weakly, Manager of IHN/EBN at (281) 885-4650.

If you or someone you know needs housing, please contact NAM’s Coordinated Access Assessor, Marcus Ferdinand at (281) 885-4567 to schedule an appointment.

NAM is a part of Coordinated Access services via the Interfaith Homeless Network (IHN) program and can assess homeless individuals within its service area to assist them in accessing the help they need.

Coordinated Access is a system-wide assessment and placement process of The Way Home, which helps determine the best housing option for every homeless individual.

For more information about Coordinated Access and homeless resources available, click here.

From a grateful family

"Before coming to IHN, as bad as everything was, I knew I wanted better for my kids.  And I knew I was the only one who could fix it.  But I was completely alone.  All I had was fear.  While I was at IHN, there was no fear.  Now I've gone from having no one to having all of NAM and 18 congregations behind me. I know I'll always have someone to turn to. I'll never be alone again.."