Success Stories

Cathi’s story

Copyright Ruslan Huzau | Dreamstime.comCathi came to Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) for rental assistance. With a master’s degree in HR, her employer had transferred her from Chicago to Houston…but then the company went out of business.

NAM agreed to help pay the rent, but her landlord refused our pledge of support. With one young child and another on the way, Cathi was evicted.

NAM didn’t leave Cathi’s side, though. We provided basic necessities while she looked for work, and helped secure a new apartment for her family.

Cathi says she will always be grateful for NAM’s help. In a time when she could have felt overwhelmed and alone in a new city, she discovered something else instead: the love and care that comes from Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Alyce’s story

AlyceAlyce has been coming to 50+ for nearly 18 years. She started with a line dancing class, then tried some bus trips and other activities. Along the way she built some amazing friendships.

Those friendships pulled her through difficult times, including the death of her husband, the deaths of her parents, and a diagnosis of cancer.

“After my husband died, I was ready to just become a couch potato,” Alyce recalls. “But my NAM friends wouldn’t have any of that. They were dragging me out, and they got me through it.”

When she learned that she had cancer, Alyce says her friends from NAM were there once again. “They were ready to do anything in the world to help – take me to the doctor, clean my house, cook. And the prayers – I could just feel the prayers.”

Today, at 80 years young, Alyce leads an exercise class twice a week. And she encourages other seniors to check out all that 50+ has to offer.

“Come on down and have some fun!” she exclaims. “Obviously I love it, I’m still here after all these years. I think that’s a testimony right there.”

Tynasha's story

Tynasha had her own non-emergency medical transportation business. But during her second pregnancy, she was put on bed rest. Unable to work, her business faltered and finances quickly went downhill.

Through a series of events she discovered a growing excitement about a career in nursing...then found the Learning Center at NAM. Tynasha was accepted into the new THRIVE program, and received a grant to cover her coursework to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Just a few months after completing the CNA program in April, 2013, Tynasha was hired as a full-time CNA at Memorial Hermann Hospital, and accepted into the nursing program at Lone Star College. She hopes to be an RN within two years.

"I'm doing this for my girls," says Tynasha, whose daughters are now 2 and 4 years old. "I want to be a role model for them, as well as show them how to help people."