Roots & Wings Campaign

There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots and the other is wings.

Here at Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM), we recognize the importance of providing roots for struggling families so they can take wing. Many Neighbors in Need arrive at NAM bruised and broken, wings clipped, afraid to fly. Perhaps they have been beaten down by illness, a job loss, or life’s unpredictable twists and turns. Maybe they were knocked off course, or never really learned how to fly in the first place. Sometimes, they are afraid. Before they can soar again, they need a safety net. NAM provides that net through its one-stop shop of social services. Since 1983, we have been helping Neighbors in Need put down roots and take wing. Now, it’s our turn. It’s our opportunity to further solidify our presence in the community, to soar to the next level. And you can help us make that vision a reality.

It’s not too late to help build opportunities for our neighbors in need. Naming opportunities are still available and we also have NAM’s Wish list with items needed for our new building. Please email for more information on how you too can help.

For more information or to pledge your support, please call (281) 885-4608.

Stay tuned for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in June 2017!

These are some pictures of our Wall Signing event
on March 10, 2017.

A Heartfelt Thank You to our Campaign Donors:

  • Watford Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Harrell Family Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • Linda and Joe Fowler
  • Houston Endowment Inc.
  • The Hamill Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • The Hildebrand Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • The Elkins Foundation
  • Cindy and Scott Chenoweth
  • Wendy and Jim Fryfogle
  • David Weekley Family Foundation
  • The Medallion Foundation
  • The Brown Foundation, Inc.
  • Rob and Ann McKee Family Foundation
  • Mary and Nathan Waldman
  • Annette and Ron Young
  • Laura and Howard Barousse
  • Elizabeth & Ray Fitzgerald
  • Marilyn and Pete Turner
  • Doug Manchee
  • Strake Foundation
  • Candice and Mark Rigo
  • Lynne & Dave Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lancaster
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward DiPaolo
  • Cynthia and Richard Foley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy Limbacher
  • Carson & Harriett Summerville
  • Shell - Matching Gift
  • Laurie & Peter Combe
  • Gwen and Bob Jackson
  • Susan and Fred Caldwell
  • Jane & Joe Untermeyer
  • Dennis Stavinoha
  • Liz and George Hom
  • John Benvegnu
  • Tom Parker
  • Janine Broyles
  • Windwood Presbyterian Church - Junior Girls D-Group
  • Gail Williams
  • Carole Jean Fox
  • Sharron and Stephen McGuire
  • Brenda and Terry Lechinger
  • Hilda Gallegos
  • Maria Cortez and Victor Ramirez
  • Mary Helen Chacere
  • Rick Gravesmill
  • Anais and Buddy Watsky
  • Cameron- matching gift
  • Stephen Morris
  • Joan and Michael Hagan
  • Susan and Henry Oxnard
  • Mary and John Kehoe
  • Nancy Johnson
  • Joyce Schnell
  • Dr. Raul Sepulveda
  • Ultra Resources, Inc.
  • Carol and Mike Watford
  • National Christian Foundation